Seventh Son | Trailer

Seventh Son is about a young farmer named Thomas Ward. Thomas is the seventh son of a seventh son and as tradition dictates he will have to train to become a Spook (someone who protects the country from witches, ghouls, etc.). Most apprentice have failed to survive the training and the only question is will Thomas survive?

The movie is adapted from Joseph Delaney’s Novel The Spook’s Apprentice stars a lot of amazing actors among which are Jeff Bridge (The giver, Tron), Julianne Moore (Don Jon, Carrie), Ben Barnes (Narnia, Stardust) and Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones, Pompeii). It’s Directed by Sergey Bodrov – I honestly don’t know who he is.

Months ago, I saw the first trailer and it shone a light on a book series that I didn’t know about. I thought the trailer was interesting and entertaining. Knowing that it is based on a book series I figured that I would have a richer experience of this universe by reading the books but I didn’t have time to do it. The second trailer is about just as good as the first one but it didn’t add to my desire to read the books. So should I read the books or wait for the movie to come out?


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