TV Review: Wayward Pines (Pilot)

Wayward Pines | Pilot

The ShamHammer – it’s OK, It’s OK, don’t be scared – has brought to television Blake Crouch’s book series Wayward Pines. M. Night Shyamalan is only the executive producer *sigh of relief* but he did bring is particular brand of film making to the pilot *Nooo*. 

All jokes aside the pilot really did catch my attention it was a nice set up for the show because the mystery is there. A lot of intriguing plot points were peppered in the pilot, amping up the anticipation and the mystery surrounding the show. There’s really two worlds that have been presented in the first episode but the how or why they could coexist is an unanswered question for now. The cast is filled with recognizable and talented actors that only solidify the quality of the series acting wise. Matt Dillon sold me on his portrayal of Ethan Burke, I’m interested to see where it goes from there for him and the other characters.

Wayward Pines has all the qualities of a psychological thriller while mixing in sci-fi and a good mystery. The Shamhammer seemed to have regained his mojo let’s see where it goes from there.


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