Putting The Romance in Necromancy | A.H. Lee

Putting The romance in Necromancy (The Knight and the Necromancer #0.5) by A.H. Lee
published 18 March 2020

Sairis is a necromancer with a price on his head. He needs to get to the capital for a conference that may change his life. But he’s never ridden a horse before. At least not a live one.

Fortunately, the local knacker is a gentle soul who has helped Sairis in the past. In addition, Sairis suspects the knacker may know things about the world of romance between men. Necromancers don’t have social lives, and Sairis doesn’t dare ask questions. But after an evening of thunderstorms, ghosts, and a narrow escape, he decides to take a risk.

How was it? I read this after reading all The Knight and the Necromancer books. Although satisfied with the series there was one big question that remained and this novella answered it.

As limited as they might have been I’m glad that Sairis had acquaintances. We have an even fuller picture of his life before going to the capital, and we get to know how he found out about the Tipsy Knave. This story is touching for several reasons, it showcases how it is when queer people meet other queers for the first time, and explores a bit that feeling of otherness when one feels like the only gay guy around.

This novella is a great start to the series, it’s intriguing. I don’t know if it would have urged me to read the first book but I recommend that you do.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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