Carrie | Entertaining but not Horror Enough

Quick review: I went to see Carrie with my cousin and her friend. I know I saw the orignal years ago but I don’t really remember it. This one was somehow more satisfying  except maybe that I wished the bitch had died a harder, bloodier death, she could have suffered more. Although it was entertaining … Continue reading Carrie | Entertaining but not Horror Enough

Jamie Marks Is Dead | Review

Directed by Carter Smith (The ruins) and Starring Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Noah Silver (Tyrant), Morgan Saylor (Homeland) and Madisen Beaty (The Master) is an American drama film based on Christopher Barzak novel “One for Sarrow.” The Plot: Adam McCormick (Cameron Monaghan) becomes fascinated with Jamie Marks (Noah Silver), a classmate who was found dead by the river by Gracie Highsmith (Morgan … Continue reading Jamie Marks Is Dead | Review