TV Review: Lovecraft Country (S1) | An Educational Fantasy Journey

I'm a scaredy-cat, I know that about myself and I'm O.K. with it. It's the reason why I was so reluctant to see Lovecraft Country even though I wanted to watch and review the pilot when it aired. I didn't. This series nagged at me and I caved. I watched the pilot in broad daylight … Continue reading TV Review: Lovecraft Country (S1) | An Educational Fantasy Journey

The Program | Cycling made interesting

The Program is an Odyssey of Lance Armstrong’s career, from his very first Tour de France to his downfall. The story follows an Irish sport journalist, David Walsh, that becomes convinced that Armstrong’s performances are fueled by banned substances. Walsh then starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong. Stephen Frears’ film made cycling exciting, … Continue reading The Program | Cycling made interesting

Philomena | Review

It was a heart warming movie that manages to leave a bitter taste at the end. Philomena must be a phenomenal woman to have such kindness and strength. I cried a few times during the movie, I couldn’t help myself. The story is moving and will touch you if you let yourself care.