Aaliyah: Princess of R&B | Review

Based on a book by Christopher John Farley, this television movie stars Alexandra Shipp, Elise Neal & Christopher Jacot and explores the life of the late Aaliyah.

Storyline: The story of music and video star Aaliyah, whose life ended tragically in a 2001 plane crash in the Bahamas. (Source: imdb).

Review: Controversies aside, the movie had a real late 80s, early 90s then 00s feel to it. Since there wasn’t a lot of physical differences when Alexandra Shipp got on screen, except maybe the length of her hair and wardrobe, the environment around her clearly illustrated the different eras.

The music was perfectly weaved and balance with the story. I was only and solely interested in her career when she was alive so I didn’t really need to have all of the songs in the movie. It probably would have annoyed me if that was the case. So the focus on a personal life was the way to go for me, I learned a lot about her beginnings, her life with this movie. It might not be rock solid true but at least I see her as more than just a singer / dancer / actress that I love.

The R. Kelly arc of the film might have been uncomfortable for the family and for her but in my eyes it only makes Aaliyah human. You can’t expect to approach someone’s life in a movie or a book without mentioning the struggles, however painful they might be. Despite the whole star-crossed lovers way they handled it in the movie, I still see R. Kelly as a creep.

Unlike some people, I believe when someone was coaxed into marriage and/or sex by a predator they don’t always see themselves as being coaxed into doing anything. All I’m saying is that it didn’t struck me as wrong that R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s relationship was depicted as a love story because it makes sense that it’s how an impressionable 15 yo would have seen it. It wasn’t the parent’s point of view but Aaliyah’s.

The movie did briefly metions aspects of her career that needed a little more development. It’s the case with the Missy & Timbaland work on her 2nd album, some of the movie soundtracks she worked on, these aspects could have been handled properly.

Finally, the acting, which is the movie important about a film, was less than good. Compared to the performances we’re getting on TV right now the movie is not so great. I can’t imagine what it was like to work on such a controversial movie for the actors and it’s probably what impeded some of the performances.

The Aaliyah movie wasn’t the next best thing but I am an Aaliyah fan, I’m talking about her career. I know the music, and the films, so the movie wasn’t disorientating or uncomfortable for me. I was just interested to know more about her. I didn’t need any reminded of I great she was.

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