The Issue with Hemlock Grove

Since it’s based on a novel by Brian McGreevy, who also works on the show, I was recently asked why don’t you feature Hemlock Grove on the blog? The answer is simple, first, I’m not a big horror fan so it doesn’t help. Secondly, I’ve watched the first season, kinda liked it but didn’t get hooked. I meant to give the second season a shot but I got distracted.

Now, with the mid-season break coming I will give it a shot – unless I get distracted again – if I’m not wrong I watched the first season during a dry patch, when I had nothing else to watch it so it’s probably the best way for me to watch it.
If there’s a fan reading this, I’d be more than happy to take any submission for a review of the book / season’s premiere / entire season. You just have to click on If you’d like to contribute to submit anything on Hemlock Groveor else that would suit the blog.

I am really open to it.


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