Frozen Fever | Review

Frozen Fever | Review

I was apparently one of the select few, who dozed off during Frozen, I don’t know why but I fell asleep for a bit. I didn’t hate it but I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Anyway I went in with an open mind to see Cinderella and the short “movie”

Frozen Fever. I used the quotation marks for the simple reason that I could not see Frozen Fever as anything but a commercial, a commercial for the upcoming Frozen 2 but mostly a commercial for new merchandise while we wait for the second animated film to come around. 

The story itself is interesting, the girl – Elsa – who has ice powers and doesn’t need a coat in winter gets a cold, that can be good premise why not. But then Elsa and Anna change outfits and the sisters are basically playing with the dresses as if to show them off in the commercial, sorry the short. And it slowly becomes less and less about the story and more about the merchandising. I usually don’t have a problem with making money but not if it’s at the expense of good short film that could have been a lot more entertaining if it wasn’t a commercial.     

What about you guys? Were you blown away by the mini cash cow that was Frozen Fever? Or did you “Let it go” pun intended?

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