The Martian | Official Trailer & Poster

Yesterday, Fox released a teaser trailer in the form of a promotional film to introduce the crew of the Ares mission. The footage put to rest any fear I had of the movie looking or feeling like Gravity & Prometheus – I haven’t seen Interstellar so I can’t comment on that. Even though, it took place before the actual events of the film it teased at a human story, and allowed us to see the chemistry between the actors. 
Today, 20th Century Fox released a poster and the official trailer for the movie.

The Poster:


I like the poster, it’s simple, smart and on point. It almost looks like a missing person add, Matt Damon’s face with the reflection of the deserted planet and Bring Him Home instead of missing. It gives some basic information about the movie, it’s a guy – an astronaut – lost on a deserted planet. It sounds like cast away in space which it might as well be because let’s face it Matt Damon has the dramatic & comedic chops Tom Hanks has.

The trailer:

The voice over in the trailer is just brilliant because it really highlights what NSA & the Ares crew want to do about Watney (Matt Damon). It shows that it’s a survival movie but also an impossible rescue mission. The Martian looks intense, thrilling, and fun. It doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously and the ensemble cast is just a dream.

The teaser peaked my interest but the trailer hooked me in, What about you, what did you think of

The Martian trailer? For those who read the book does it seems like it has the spirit of the book?

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