TV Review: Minority Report (Pilot)

Minority Report | Pilot review
In case that it’s not obvious for everybody, I cannot dissociate the series and the film since the series is clearly follows the events from the movie. So I’m going to – sort of – compare the two. 

The series leads from the 2002 Tom Cruise movie, set 10 years after the end of Precrime in DC. One of the three Precogs struggles to lead a “normal” human life, but remains haunted by visions of the future, when he meets a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose to his gift.

As pilots go the Minority Report one is good, it seamlessly follows Spielberg’s movie, it looks like a familiar world and sort of feels like the movie. Except that the show is not as dark and “gritty” as the movie was. The pilot kind of looks squeaky clean compared to the movie but it doesn’t bother me since it can easily take that turn when the story needs it. And it would make for a very depressing show – particularly for a cop drama – if it was dark and gloomy all the time.
I was very interested in how they decided to portray the Precog, Dashiel (Stark Sands), we didn’t get to know him in the movie but his personality is one of the nice things about the show. He’s weird and kind of creepy but very lovable, and it makes sense given his history. Lara (Meagan Good), the detective, wasn’t as fleshed out as the precog but there’s enough to like her. Dashiel and Vera make for an oddly matched duo but it kinda works.
One of the things that gives the show this connection with the movie, it’s the amazing touch free tech. It’s still there and it seems to have evolved in the last 10 years – they don’t need special gloves anymore – but the funny thing is that the touch free tech doesn’t seem as far fetched now.

Minority Report the series works, it’s nicely set up, it’s interesting, and there’s enough of a novelty to make for an interesting show. What about you, what’s your take on it? 


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