Winter’s Bones – a gripping documentary-like movie

Five years ago, when the movie came out, I elected not to watch the film. Despite the buzz and the accolades the trailer seemed far too depressing for me at the time.

It’s about a poor 17 years old girl named Ree who supports near-catatonic mother and two younger siblings in the Ozark Mountain. When her absent meth-cooking father disappears before a court date, risking the family’s home if he doesn’t show up. Ree investigates among the locals to find out where he might be, putting her life and her family at risk with her questions.

My God this movie is no joke, it’s the epitome of determination, relentless will, and that’s what I loved about it. Ree has her back against the wall but it never shows. No matter what she pushes back and never backs down. 

 It’s a plain documentary-like film that draws you in, it feels real because the performances are excellent, natural even. Ree is easy to relate to and to understand,  she’s though and unyielding. I don’t want to say stubborn because anyone in her shoes can’t be stubborn, they’re just doing what needs to be done. There’s an amazing line in the film that any invested viewer would have come up with long before the words are spoken because it’s simply true. “But I can’t forever carry them kids and my mom, not without that house.”

You know a movie is good when you talk more about the characters than the actors. What were you thoughts on it?


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