TV Review: October Faction | When Writers Just Give Up

Steve Niles and Damien Norm’s comic series October Faction is now a TV series in Netflix starring Tamara Taylor (Bones), J.C. MacKenzie (Madam Secretary), Aurora Burghart, Gabriel Darku, and Megan Follows (Reign).

Premise: Follow the adventures of a retired monster-hunter and his family, which includes a thrill-killer, a witch and a warlock.

Review: I like the opening scene of the October Faction, it’s a moment of tenderness between husband and wife, then you see the gun, then you notice some blood and finally you hear growling in the background.
That illustrates how most of the series unfolds, slowly. The whole world of the show is introduced smoothly whether it’s with the parents or the kids, we spend time we them and little by little we get to know them. Speaking of smooth introductiond my favorite might be the sixth sense thing that happened.

The foreshadowings in this show are pretty good on their own even if they are kind of holding your hands through them.

The story is always on the verge of following popular tropes but then doesn’t. Storylines that would have been milked and stretched for episodes are dealt with quickly. Sometimes though, it’s a little too quick, rushed. It’s even funny because The characters are sort of breaking the fourth wall telling us they are glossing over a lot of stuff. It felt like the writers were low-key trying to apologize for it.

The main cast is instantly lovable, it’s very true for the parents, probably in part because they are portrayed by seasoned actors, which makes it heartbreaking when you find out a bad thing about them. The kids do a great job with what they are giving and made clichéd tropes and characters engaging.

The cinematography is quite striking, the locations suite the show very well, and, the visual effects are not always flawless but serves the story.

In conclusion, the first half of the series is pretty good then it sort of falls apart. The quality of the writing is the main problem of the show, it’s uneven, they gave up toward the end. Weirdly enough I still liked the show, maybe it’s the potential for a much better series than what we got that I like but October Faction is still worth the binge.


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