Runemaker | Alex R. Khaler

The Runebinder Chronicles: Runemaker by Alex R. Kahler
The end is here.
Tenn thought the spirits wanted him to find his fellow Hunter, Aidan, to win the war against the undead. But with Aidan on the brink of self-destruction and Tenn reeling from his lover’s spite, their fated convergence seems far from promising.
Especially because Aidan no longer appears to be fighting for the living.
With the Dark Lady whispering commands and Tomás guiding his hand, Aidan slips deeper into darkness. And while the world rallies for its final battle against the Dark Lady’s minions, Tenn finds himself torn between saving the boy who’s slipping away and fulfilling a prophecy he can’t understand—one that will require him to harness the most powerful magic the world has never seen: the Sphere of Maya.
And depending on who unleashes its power, that magic could either save humanity . . . or erase it.

How was it?

Any book that makes me feel strong emotions on purpose, whether it’s love for a character that I’m cheering for or hate for a character that I downright want to strangle, is worth the read. I didn’t like Aiden in Runebreaker, book 2 of The Runebinder Chronicles, he annoyed me so much that I wanted to put the book down. In Runemaker though, he is still as annoying, arrogant, and stupid but Tenn and the others counter balance his bouts of idiocy that are eye rolling.

Detestable character aside Runemaker is a bit of a slow burn that tip toes to the edge of boring before picking up so fast that it sort of feels rushed toward the end.

The plot is quite entertaining but the readers are made to feel so many strong emotions that are not so masterfully handled, it makes the general flow of the story a bit wanky. There are big emotional highs followed by deep pitfalls of gloom and angst that would make this nauseating if it was a rollercoaster ride. However it does give a sense of Ying and Yang to Aiden and Tenn, since the first usually annoy and enrage while the second gets depressing at times.

Runemaker is one of those one-time reads, you read it, sort of liked it but would definitely not revisit it. If I didn’t feel like it was the intention of the author to make Aiden the way he is I would have been harder on this book.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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