Grimoire of the Lamb | Kevin Hearne

Grimoire of the Lamb (The Iron Druid Chronicles #0.4) by Kevin Hearne published 7 May 2013
There’s nothing like an impromptu holiday to explore the birthplace of modern civilisation, but when Atticus and Oberon pursue a book-stealing Egyptian wizard – with a penchant for lamb – to the land of the pharaohs, they find themselves in hot, crocodile-infested water.
The trip takes an even nastier turn when they discover the true nature of the nefarious plot they’ve been drawn into. On the wrong side of the vengeful cat goddess Bast and chased by an unfathomable number of her yowling four-legged disciples, Atticus must find a way to appease or defeat Egypt’s deadliest gods – before his grimoire-grabbing quarry uses them to turn him into mincemeat.

How was it? This short story is my introduction to The Iron Druid Chronicles. An appetizer, one might say, not to a broader story because it would seem that this one stands alone but it introduced me to Atticus, the world he operates in, and the general tone of the series.

Atticus is funny, resourceful, and skilled. The way he speaks and behaves at times makes him seem young, almost broey. So reading here that he looks around 21 didn’t come as a surprise, but his skills and knowledge shows his true age. He’s much smarter and experience that he first comes off, which is briantly done.
His dog, Oberon, read like a some kind of demon at first but then quickly it was like what you would imagine a dog to sound like. He helps with the comedic tone of the novella, filling it with funny and endearing moments.

I like the structure of the story, important information are given seamlessly before they become relevant. It has a good rhythm.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can checkout or get the book here: US | EU


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