A Vigil in the Mourning | Hailey Turner

A Vigil in the Mourning (Soulbound IV) by Hailey Turner published 6 April 2020

Special Agent Patrick Collins is dispatched to Chicago, chasing a lead on the Morrígan’s staff for the joint task force. Needing a cover for his presence in the Windy City, Patrick is ordered to investigate a politician running for mayor. In the lead up to election day, not everything is what it seems in a city where playing to win means appeasing the gods first and the electorate second.

But Chicago brings its own set of problems outside the case: a stand-offish local god pack, a missing immortal, and Patrick’s twin sister. Fighting Hannah and the Dominion Sect provides Patrick with a sinister reminder that some blood ties can never be cut.

Left behind in New York City, Jonothon de Vere finds himself targeted by hunters who will go through anyone to kill him—including the packs under his protection. With a bounty on his head, Jono is forced to make a choice that Patrick would never approve of. Doing so risks breaking the trust he’s built with the man he loves, but not acting will give the rival New York City god pack leverage Jono can’t afford to give up.

When Patrick and Jono reunite in Chicago, Patrick must confront the fraying of a relationship he’s come to rely on for his own sanity. But fixing their personal problems will have to wait—because Niflheim is clawing at the shores of Lake Michigan and the dead are hungry.

How was it?

Every time I pick up one the Soulbound books I am reminded of how I very reluctantly read the first one. I’m someone who picks books literally because of the cover, and for some reason I read because I had nothing else to read, that book was in my reading queue, and I didn’t want to look for another book. I would have been gutted if years down the line I found my way through that series of books. They’re amazing, I love this world, loved the characters and every story adds to the soulbound series. 

A Vigil in the Mourning is no exception, as the fourth in the series it changes things up a bit, with new characters, threats and locations. It was difficult for me to put it down but it seemed more repetitive than the others in some way. I really enjoy the bonds between the characters, they feel like a family, a pack. So whenever one of them does something, you know exactly how the others are going to feel about it before it’s mentioned because you’ve gotten to know these characters, that’s how well developed they are. It doesn’t feel like a trope or a plot device. That’s probably Turner’s biggest strength, writing great characters that feel so real that it’s as if you’ve known them your whole life.  

The action is plentiful and entertaining but I realized that I read these books more for the relationships between characters, at least that’s what I remember the most. I guess the repetitiveness I felt came from all the other stuff. It’s not quite formulaic but close enough. Whether A Vigil in the Mourning follows a pattern or not, it’s still unique enough to be a great read. I’m eager for the next one.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can get it HERE

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