Staked | Kevin Hearne

How was it? Hearne is truly genius with the pop culture references. They operate on so many levels. They are smart and funny, with references hidden in references. The first few sentence of Staked is a prime example of that, alluding both to Tarantino’s movie, directorial style, and foot fetish.

Whenever Oberon shows up it’s always a good time, and grumpy Owen is seriously growing on me. Putting the two together, is just hilarious but it’s weird that the dog seems smarter at times.

Staked is action-packed from beginning to end, the multiple P.O.V.s were disorienting a bit in Shattered, but made for interesting story-lines. It differentiates each character, giving personalities that are wildly different but work together as well. It also gives the series some of what it was missing, a sense of danger for the main characters. Where Atticus’ seemed unbeatable, and a bit of a Gary Sue, Granuaile and Owen balance it out. They even humanize Atticus and in contrast show his carelessness and selfishness.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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