Blood Pudding | Kevin Hearne

Going from Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries to Blood Pudding was rough. Even though she grew on me, Granuaile is not my favorite character to spend time with. But this novelette is one of these stories that are the most connected story to the main story-line, because it truly feels like a cut scene or chapter.

It’s also the least memorable – I went back to it when I explored the audible version and couldn’t remember the title and what it refers to. Blood Pudding relates to the events from Staked and their consequences, and follows Granuaile as she bar-tends in Poland in an attempt develop a new mental space, master the language, and hang out with a coven of witches.

The story features an unlikely alliance as Granuaile teams up with an old friend turned enemy to work toward a common goal. Like parts of Hunted the novelette showcases the young Druid’s abilities in action but also highlights a Polish dish, beer pudding, that I’m interested to try. The story only gets exciting toward the end, yet feels like part of a whole but it is worth the read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You can get the collection of short stories here


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