TV Review: The Boys (S2 Premiere) | The Set Up of What Could Be a Great Season?

The new season of The Boys, based on the comic books “The Boys” by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick W. Robertson, premiered on Prime Video.

Review: I am really struggling with writing this, why? Because as good as The boys is it’s not a weekly type of show. There is no vilain of the week, it’s long form storytelling, the kind with a giant arc that spans a set number of episodes. So review the first three hours feels like stopping to discuss a book after barely getting into it, in this case it’s a sequel and we just slipped back into that world. For Prime Video the release strategy makes sense but it doesn’t for this show, am I alone on this?

The first three hours are basically just the set up for the second season, that’s pretty much what it is. Although interesting to see it very much feels like watching 1/3 of a movie. We stopped just when the action and tension was ramping up. It allow us to reconnect with the characters in season one. Learning a little more about some of them, tie up and or clean up some open-ended storylines, while introducing us to Stormfront and new plot points.

The three episodes premiere of season two is the base of what could be an exciting season. It looks good but it’s still up in the air for now.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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