My Work Corner | Getting Back into Writing

In an attempt to spend more time on my own writing I want to make myself a proper desk area. So far I’ve been using my dinning table to work but that’s not the most comfortable. I’ve put off doing this because of I’ve been thinking about moving for almost two years now, and I have a limited space to do it. But It feel like I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to writing or create my little work corner. But I’ve started.

The Desk

I first thought of having a custom desk made that would fit the space that I have for it but then when I’ll move this might become a problem. So I thought of getting some kind of gaming desk even if I’m no avid gamer : but I was also tempted by a standing desk since it would allow me to somewhat customize it by choosing the material on top and later on change the size of the desk so I got one :

The Monitor(s)

I was trying to figure out if I should get two 27″ monitors or just one. But I got one, the LG UltraGear 27 inch with the ergonomic arm.

I still have a few accessories to get to finish my set up.

The Accessories

I want to limit the amount of accessories to get but I still want to get them.



For traveling

The webcam and the mic I’m not sure about but I feel like I should get them

The Chaise


Did I forget something?


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