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The half hour dramedy staring Michael Cimino (Annabelle Comes Homes), George Sear (Alex Rider), Rachel Hilson (This is Is Us), Anthony Turpel (No Good Nick), Isabella Ferreira (OITNB), Mason Gooding (Booksmart), and Bebe Wood (The Real O’Neals) was a welcome surprise for me. Both inspired by Greg Berlanti‘s Love, Simon and Becky Albertalli’s novel “Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda,Love Victor was a breath of fresh air, a more nuanced and grounded depiction of a queer kid journey of self-discovery. This season the cast is joined by Anthony Keyvan (Genera+ion, Alexa & Kate), Ava Capri (Embattled), Betsy Brandt (Life in Pieces), Daniel Croix (The Oval) among others.

Last season: Victor was a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. He reached out to Simon when it seems too difficult for him to navigate through high school.

Premise: After coming to termes with his sexual orientation Victor comes out to his parent’s amidst their separation, his break-up from Mia, and new relationship with Georges; Victor faces new challenges as he’s coming out to everyone not just his family and friends.

Review: Although I loved a lot of little details in the first season of the show, I have to admit that I forgot quite a few of them. There are plot points that I did not remember at all, so the refresher I did on the first season was both fun and needed. The season does opens with a quick recap but watching the two seasons back to back was a threat.

The story picks up right after the massive cliffhanger that drove me crazy for way to long. We get to finally see the reaction to Victor’s news, and it’s quite surprising. But where the show gets super smart with it, is the little time jump – 10 weeks – that’s just enough to have Victor’s news and some of the events of season one to have settled a bit. So Summer break is almost over, Victor is out to his family who is adjusting to his news and their own problems. He’s still going strong with Benji, so is Felix with Lake. Mia is dealing with the recent changes in her life in her own way, and Andrew just trying to move on.

Where season one could have arguably been on Disney+ proper – it’s in the Star section of the app in the rest of the world – season two earns its place on Hulu by tackling more adult subjects. Because with relationships, teenagers and hormones comes the idea of sex, and all the questions and anxiety that entails. Though it’s a natural progression for the characters it did feel like the show went full steam ahead on the subject, I’m not complaining they handled it pretty well, but they’ve sped things up a bit. It wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be.

One of the best things about the show, is that all of the characters have an exciting arc. Victor’s parents portrayed by James Martinez (The Deuce, Tell Me A Story), and Ana Ortiz (Special, Ugly Betty) have a really juicy arc this season that they pulled off brilliantly. I was as curious about what was going on with them than anyone else. They also gave Mateo Fernandez Victor’s little brother more to do and he’s so cute and chill, it’s funny to see how everyone around him are worrying for nothing. My favorite TV best friend Felix also as a great storyline and Turpel is so good. I could gush about this cast and the writing because it’s absolutely solid. There’s enough drama to shake things up a bit but they’re not overdoing it, it’s light drama. Maybe not “light drama” because they are serious and kind of dark moments in the show this season but the comedy and the sense that there’s a light at the end of tunnel does help. Plus they actors really sell these moments.

As thrilled as I am with the cast – returning and new – and most of the storylines, I am annoyed with how things soured for the main couple. I just wished that friendships would remain friendships particularly in this instance, I’m not talking about Pilar. Anyway if I continue I’ll spoil more than I could like but let me say the following:

Love, Victor S2 is a must see, it’s entertaining, well acted and nicely written. I want more!

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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