Book Review: Homecoming by Keegan Kennedy

18 year-old, Lucas Hudson has six weeks remaining before leaving his small town for college, but first, he must adjust to the return of his new stepbrother, Dane Bolton, from the Marine Corps. Although initially reluctant about the return of the local hero and former football jock, who had been three years ahead of him in high school, Lucas develops an instant crush on his new stepdad’s son. 21 year-old, Dane Bolton is a dominant marine with a kinky side and has secretly been fixated on Lucas long before they were stepbrothers. Under the guise of bonding with his new little brother, Dane quickly becomes controlling and starts to take over Lucas’ life. With a deep and mostly untouched submissive nature, Lucas is ripe for the picking and falls completely under the spell of the dynamic Alpha Male. Dane, who will stop at nothing to possess the object of his longtime fantasy, spins Lucas into his web. Dane attempts to take control of the young, blonde boy and demands nothing less than Lucas’ complete and total submission. In this erotic novel filled with love, possession and obsession, Dane and Lucas struggle to overcome many obstacles on their way to happiness which most importantly includes their respective parents. This novel is approximately 65,000 words. This work features many aspects and fetishes of a m/m dominant and submissive relationship including, bondage, sports gear, foot play, kink, chastity, discipline, toys and control. 

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How was it?

I’ve had The Harbinger series for years – I’ll get to them promise – but this is my first Keegan Kennedy book, and boy was I not ready for this. For some reason I thought it was a sweet little MM romance. It’s not, not really. It’s almost pure erotica with just enough story – to keep edging ;), I’m joking – to justify the romance label.

The story is hot, there’s enough of build up, a raw primal quality between the main characters interactions and in their intimate scenes, but there are quite a few things that dampened my enjoyment. Dane’s whole confession about when and how he first got attracted to Lucas was a tad creepy for me, and then Dane’s attitude about being the man and wanting Lucas to be his kept woman was unnecessary. At least he didn’t mind him going to college.
Besides that the way Kennedy made some intimate practices, that hold no interest to me, hot and entertaining is a skill. However there were few parts of it that I zombie read* but overall I liked it enough to seek out other books he wrote in that genre and bumped The Harbinger up a few spots on my TBR list.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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*Zombie reading: reading something without really processing any of the words on the page. One often wonders how they got a particular section, with little to no recollection of what came before, after zombie reading.


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