Book Review: The Bentley Twins by Malcolm Van

Jacen is content to spend the Christmas holiday alone, but when his twin brother Jonathan surprises him with a night-long visit on Christmas Eve with the idea of having a party, things take an unexpected turn. When the party is a bust and just a few hot male friends show up, the twins are coerced into a strip dance-off, but there’s a lot of liquor involved, and sexual tensions quickly escalate in this hardcore taboo novel filled with brotherly love, Christmas spirit, and a heavy dose of gay twincest that will leave you begging for more! The late Malcolm Van delivers some of his best work in his final penned piece of literary gay porn.

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How was it ?

I love how I came to be aware of all of Malcolm Van’s books, I a friend gifted me the two Summertime Butt Slut audiobooks and I enjoyed them, so that lead to a reader – tell me if you want to get name checked – gifting me my first taboo gay erotica, which blew my mind – I’ll review it here if I feel brave lol – then last Christmas I got a slew of taboo erotica gifted to me by the same reader.

Having read Stevie @ Home – my first taboo exotica – I’m less apprehensive or weirded out about reading stories dealing with taboo subjects like incest. However in this case I thought it was the least interesting part of the story, which is odd given that it’s the “main” attraction, the selling point. The full title alone suggest twincest but Jacen’s encounters before hiw twin Jonathan shows up are far more interesting, and captivating. So for the rest I kind of went through the motions, maybe it’s the set up and/or the twincest itself but I doubt it since the author previously managed to make me look past taboos and enjoy a story that was hardcore.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Bentley Twins Raunchy Christmas Eve is only available on Smashwords as far as I know.

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