Book Review | Cold Fire by Keegan Kennedy

We all know the formula, and we all love the stories…Boy meets boy – one’s a closeted jock and the other’s a sweet college student with a heart of gold. The jock is always cautious and worried how others will perceive him. The gay protagonist is always too good to be true, and dare we say, dumb?

Then it’s all forbidden glances, angst, and misunderstandings, right? Well, this isn’t one of those stories.

Brennan Martell is an angry, guarded narcissist with a violent streak. Warner Carrington is an obsessive, dominant football player who’s a borderline sociopath. However, things are seldom black and white.

In this steamy romance novel, these anti-heroes collide, and their chemistry ignites like a nuclear warhead. But is this a match made in heaven or somewhere farther south?

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How was it? It started so well but then it became a chore to finish. With Homecoming Kennedy managed to gave us a steamy story that managed to hold my interest despite featuring practices I don’t find that interesting or hot. Here it’s some kind of soap opera / Lifetime Movie / Dateline episode – which doesn’t sound that bad – except it’s way too long and a bit all over the place.

The story was captivating at times but it needed to be edited down. Some of these secondary characters straight up felt like noise at some points. In addition of being very stereotypical they slowed the main plot with – for some of them – their tedious subplots. As for the steam? There was barely a simmer.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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