Charlie’s Doctor (Shadow Elite #1) by Jocelynn Drake | Review

A second chance to say ‘don’t let me go’.

When paintings for an artist who disappeared roughly fifty years ago suddenly surface, Charlie and his friends decide it might be worth looking into what really happened. Besides, who isn’t up for adventure and fun in Buenos Aires?

But things go horribly sideways when Charlie stumbles across Dr. William freaking Monroe—the only man to claim and then destroy Charlie’s heart.

Now they’re on the run, dodging bullets and digging for the truth. Charlie wants nothing to do with Will. It’s his heart that’s screaming for a second chance.

Is it too late to get past years of anger and misunderstandings to grab the love that still burns between them?

Charlie’s Doctor is the first full-length novel in the Shadow Elite mercenary series and features stubborn men with poor communication skills, second chances, meddling brothers, explosions, and love on the run in Argentina.

How was it?

Going in I did not know that it was a Spin-off from the Exit Strategy series, which I love – I’ve read AND listened to it several times -, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that out through cameos. I’ve also realized that I’ve had Stephen’s translator Shadow Elite #0.5 novella but I haven’t read it yet.

The story here has a nice pace to it, it flows nicely. A few times, I was surprised at how much of it I got through whenever I was interrupted during my reading sessions. However, I wasn’t enthralled by the book but it was entertaining.

As for the main characters Charlie and Will I was going to slightly complain about the lack of communication, which I often find stupid when grown men are at the heart of a story. But I later saw that it was announced in the blurb that I didn’t read since Jocelynn Drake has earned enough capital for me to see her name and a genre, to pick up her book without reading the description.

That said being hung up on an ex 6 years later, is a bit sad to me, but it didn’t bother me in this case. Charlie and Will’s history makes for some good heated moments, yet they and the whole cast of characters around them really bring this book together. It makes me curious to see his their story will turn out specifically when considering the post-credit scene, I mean the epilogue that totally sets up the next book Kairo’s Billionaire.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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