Prince of L.A. (F.B.I. Files #1) by Patricia Logan | Book Review

Special Agent Leo Reeves is new to the FBI’s L. A. field office. His career has been on track since the day he joined the bureau. He loves his job as a profiler and being assigned to a new team in one of the busiest offices in the nation, will be the opportunity of a lifetime…if he can put the past behind him. The face Leo shows the world is strong, focused, dependable, and capable. The long list of citations in his file only serves to prove how good he is.

If he could only forget he was sired by a monster.

Former Marine Staff Sergeant, Max Prince, leads by example. Whether it means protecting men in battle, working for the US Marshal service, or being the best damn field agent the FBI has ever seen, he brings a special kind of bravery to the job. His teammates depend on his ready smiles, his funny jokes, and know him as the capable agent he’s proven to be. They never see the man who buried his heart eight years ago.

The last thing he wants is to fall for the new guy.

When a serial killer suddenly starts targeting innocents, both men have trouble pinning down who they’re dealing with. With victimology all over the place, Leo can’t make sense of a profile and Max simply wants to put the bastard away before he murders anyone else. The case is maddening but worse, the attraction the two men find every time they look at each other, is beginning to get in the way.

How was it?

The overall setup of this new book series and the one in this book is excellent. It was watching a crime show in book form. The case was presented well, and so were the team and our main characters. I got so engrossed with the investigation that I almost forgot about the romantic aspects of this book.

The heat kind of comes late but it comes in hot. It’s searing but a little fleeting because everything seems rushed toward the end. It made the romance seem like an afterthought, as if the subtle commentaries took precedence for the bulk of the book then the author remembered that Prince and Reeves were supposed to bone and that the investigation needed to be concluded within a set amount of words. It really felt like that to me toward the end. Even Reeves’ job as a profiler, which initially seemed well thought-out began to look like lucky guesses.

Despite this sensation of a rushed romance and ending, I was entertained by Prince of L.A. enough to contemplate listening to the audiobook. The epilogue is basically a quick summary of the few open threads from the case before jumping into a teaser of Leo on Fire book two of the F.B.I. Files series.

Also, I own other books by this author that I have yet to read but at several points, it felt like former MC of her books had cameos in this one. It meant nothing to me but if you’re a fan it might speak to you.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Prince of L.A. is available on The Book Depository and other book retailers near you.

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