Werewolf by Night | Dark and Not Overly Comedic

Michael Giacchino (Director & Composer)
Peter Cameron (teleplay), Heather Quinn (Story), Gerry Conway

Gael Garcia Bernal
Laura Donnelly
Harriet Sansom Harris
Eugenie Bondurant
Al Hamacher
Kirk R. Thatcher


I had my doubts about this and the trailer didn’t help. I thought it’d be a throwaway thing that didn’t serve much of a purpose, something I could skip since I’m not a horror fan, and the practical effects paired with the black & white imagery would make it seem cheap and somewhat boring. It’s not.

It’s atmospheric, a little tragic, and bloody. I was engaged in the story from the start, it’s not as scary as I thought it might be, and there’s a lot more action than I expected. Gael Garcia Bernal is awesome in the role, I sympathized with him right away despite his stupid name Jack Russell, really? I guess that’s where the comedy comes from. That and the animatronic corpse which I did not like. Donnelly was nuanced and thankfully not a damsel in distress because when she walked in it seemed like she bit off more than she could chew.

The special gives us a solid idea of who these characters are, I’m talking about Elsa, and Jack, but also Elsa’s stepmother, manthing, and the Scottish guy. The rest were basically red shirts. I love the fights both Elsa’s and the Werewolf’s, they were brutal and effective. I like how they moved in particular the werewolf even if I just wished he’d look slightly different. I hope he’ll have different levels of transformation in the future because it’s not quite there for me.

Werewolf by Night was original, inventive, and bold yet it still felt like it could easily connect to the larger MCU.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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