The Emperor’s Bone Palace (Infernal War Saga II) by Hailey Turner | Audiobook review

Hailey Turner has revealed the gorgeous cover for The Emperor’s Bone Palace!

Cover Design: James T. Egan,

Every heart is meant to break.

THE NAMELESS. As a warden, Soren’s duty is to guard against the dead, but he was never trained to guard against his heart. Drawn into a web of Solarian politics, Soren finds himself at the center of a storm of his own making, unwilling to break free if it means losing the man he loves. But even the darkest secrets cannot remain hidden forever, and when lies come to light, the price he pays for his silence may very well be his undoing.

THE EMPEROR. When his claim to the Imperial throne is challenged by a traitorous House, Vanya Sa’Liandel must adhere to the ancient tradition of the Conclave to stay in power. Refusing to face his peers alone, Vanya will stand before the Houses of Solaria with Soren by his side, a decision that risks his heart when an unspeakable betrayal threatens everything he’s fought for.

THE REBEL. With her entire world upended, Caris Dhemlan is on the run, struggling to come to terms with the truth of her heritage. As the Clockwork Brigade is targeted by Daijal, she must fight to save the people she cares about. Every rebellion needs a figurehead, but Caris is determined not to become a martyr.

THE QUEEN. With a crown claimed, Eimarille Rourke sets her sights on Ashion and the continent beyond her country’s borders. Promised a world by a star god, Eimarille sets into motion the gears of war and launches the opening salvo of a battle whose repercussions will ripple across the whole of Maricol.

How was it?

I was dying to hear Gary Furlong narrate this book because he did an incredible job on The Prince’s Poisoned Vow audiobook, and he became a favorite of mine for the great job he did on the Soulbond series and More Heat Than the Sun series. The world in the Infernal War Saga with its many cities, kingdoms, and cultures within Maricol called for an array of accents that Furlong pulled off nicely. They actually enhance how we experience the story since it gives each place and character within it a flavor and a palpable identity.

Given that The Emperor’s Bone Palace picks up where The Prince’s Poisoned Vow left off, there’s a momentum to the story that Furlong gives great voices to. So when the action and emotional rollercoasters hit it has a little more impact, also the tone given to some characters adds depth, sass, or comedy to what’s going on. Storywise, it’s clearer now which characters need to be shredded to pieces, burned to ash, some of them need to die a painful death. The benefit of the doubt has left the chat. This book, well some characters – not to name names – might make you wish the worst for them, this is how amazing the DRAMA is – in particular with the narration. The tension builds and builds as the author shifts the points of view with a deft hand, and Furlongs the voices and accents. Everyone in the book has something juicy going on and it’s sometimes a relief – a short-lived one – when we shift to another character’s path. I was more and more captivated as I went along.

To cut this short, the Emperor’s Bone Palace is exquisite, it will make you squirm and/or rage at what some of the characters do, and you’ll grip that book invested and entertained. The narration is a big plus.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Meet Hailey

Hailey Turner is a big city girl who likes to spoil her cats rotten. She writes science fiction and fantasy with lots of action, epic plots, and romantic relationships that satisfy the heart. Hailey lives in sunny California when she isn’t adding stamps to her passport.

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