Americain Gods | Neil Gaiman


You’ve got your old gods – Odin, Ibis, a bunch of others I can’t remember. And they’re brought to America by the people who believed in them. Then you’ve got your new gods – television, media, the Internet. For reasons that I didn’t really catch, they’re going to fight. Okay, so I really like the idea of gods being brought to America by those who believe in them. And I like the idea that Odin and Loki need blood and chaos to live on (though why those particular two, I’m not really sure.) But pretty much the entire rest of the book I’m not really following. What’s with the buffalo headed person? And the thunderbirds and eagle stones? And was Lakeside just a story within the story, or was it necessary to the overall plot?

I don’t know, this is the second Neil Gaiman book I’ve read (Good Omens being the other) and I was not bowled over by either one. Gonna put it in the stack with Dr. Who titled, “Things Tumblr Reveres, That I Just Don’t Get.” The book has a cool concept, but I think Gaiman was smoking too much mescaline when he wrote the book.

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