The Sandman by Niel Gaiman & Dirk Maggs (Audible) | Review

Hailed by the Los Angeles Times Magazine as “the greatest epic in the history of comic books”, The Sandman changed the game with its dark, literary world of fantasy and horror - creating a global, cultural phenomenon in the process.

The Cleansing Fire

The truth is a cleansing fire...which burns away the lies we've told each other...and the lies we've told ourselves. So that love and hate, pleasure and pain, can all be expressed without shame. Where there is no good or bad there is only the truth." John Dee, The Sandman (2022)

TV Review: American Gods (S3 Premiere) | Until Destiny Kicks In

CastRicky WhittleEmily BrowningIan McShaneYetide BadakiBruce Langley I meant to do a refresher course of the last two seasons but didn't, so my memory of what happened is not that great and the recap didn't help that much because I saw some things in it that I don't remember. For instance, I remembered that Mad Sweeney … Continue reading TV Review: American Gods (S3 Premiere) | Until Destiny Kicks In