TV Review: American Gods (S3 Premiere) | Until Destiny Kicks In

Ricky Whittle
Emily Browning
Ian McShane
Yetide Badaki
Bruce Langley

I meant to do a refresher course of the last two seasons but didn’t, so my memory of what happened is not that great and the recap didn’t help that much because I saw some things in it that I don’t remember. For instance, I remembered that Mad Sweeney died – despite trying to block it out – but didn’t remember how or that we saw Gugnir in the saw. These are the sort of little details that make this show interesting so I’ll going to have to re-watch the previous season before watching the rest of season 3.

As for this premiere, it seems to have pick up a little while after season two ended, Shadow is working in a foundry in Milwaukee trying to lay low until Wednesday catches up to him. Shadow is then forced by confluence of circumstances to be pulled back into Wednesday’s orbit. Now that some answers about Shadow’s parentage is out there his dynamic with Wednesday is quite entertaining. The idea of destiny permeates Shadow’s storyline from Wednesday’s:

“You can be your own man all you want until destiny kicks in.”

to his interaction with an Native American God. The season seems to be about to answer the question of who Shadow is.

Laura, for her part is still on her vengeful mission, is trying to revive the Leprechaun and something very interesting happens to her and I wonder what kind of ramification it will have because I don’t really see how she’ll get out of this, it seemed accidental and pretty finale to me. It also would have made a great cliffhanger to the episode. We also see Mr World, being able to shape-shift and adapt his look to different situations was both smart and entertaining in its possibilities.

Season three is off to a good start but one thing that I’m afraid of is Lakeside, Wisconsin seems to be heavily featured in the series. It’s the part of American Gods book where I paused then dropped the book for a while, I think I went back to finish it but I don’t remember. I just remember slogging through that Lakeside section and it was where the book kind of lost me. I hope t doesn’t happen with the series.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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