TV Review: Once Upon A Time (S4 Premiere)

Review: I remember reading somewhere that this season’s theme is “Never give up on the ones you love.” and the season premiere is certainly sticking to it. The premiere picks up right where we left off in season 3, going in the thick of the drama. We all knew that #Frozeniscoming but with all the drama going on I didn’t really know how the frozen theme would be introduced.

It was done smoothly, like snowflakes falling from the sky, Arendelle’s universe was introduced a snowflake at a time, now the ground is covered with snow. Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna are part of our Storybrooke universe and they brought baggage. The new characters have come with their share of mysteries. I loved how Elsa’s powers were translated into film and thank god they’re not singing!

The other characters were not outdone by this new world’s introduction. They all have their own little drama going on. I loved the little memorable details, the quotes and the comedy that make the show such a good one. I loved the callback to The Beauty and the Beast, it was a nice touch. The new mysteries our beloved characters came across, all of it is telling me one thing, that this season will be an interesting and exciting one.

What do you think?


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