If I Stay | Review

Directed by documentarian & TV producer R.J. Cutler, “If I Stay” is based on the novel by Gayle Forman and stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Jamie Blackley, Mireille Enos, Liana Liberato and Joshua Leonard.


The Plot: Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) thought the hardest decision she would ever face would be whether to pursue her musical dreams or follow a different path to be with the love of her life, Adam (Jamie Blackley). Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma. During an out-of-body experience, caught between life and death for one revealing day, Mia must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she had imagined.


Review: Heart wrenching, poignant and beautiful. It’s the kind of movie a guy watches in the cinema, slouched on his seat, glad for the dim lightening because that way no one can see him cry.

It’s a stellar movie, a must see, with great music. Chloe Grace Moretz showed her range with that great assemble of cast in the film. They carried the movie to the stratosphere. Like Chloe herself said in an interview “It’s palpable, heartbreaking and uplifting.”


Did you like the movie?


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