I am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fugitive | Release date

I am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fugitive is the companion ebook novella to the “I am Number Four” series by Pittacus Lore.

Premise: This novella picks up with Mark racing to Dulce, New Mexico, evading capture from both the Mogadorians and the FBI. On the road, his mysterious new ally – a fellow blogger from They Walk Among Us who Mark knows only by the screen name GUARD – sends him a care package to help in his quest to find Sarah. Inside is a stack of cash, high-tech equipment, and some seriously advanced weaponry, all begging Mark to once again ask the question: Just who exactly is this guy? As Mark gets closer to tracking down Sarah, he also gets closer to discovering the identity of this enigmatic figure who seems to know so much about the Loric. When the truth about GUARD is finally revealed, nothing will ever be the same.

The ebook set to be released on December 23rd 2014 you can preorder it now.


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