Penny Dreadfull | First look season 2

Penny Dreadfull, finally we have a first look at the second season of this great horror series. After going to hell and back, last season, it was obvious that Ethan and Vanessa would form an emotional bond and that’s just what we can see in this picture. 

The character centered gothic fantasy show has a lot of the classic iconic “monsters” we know, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, the Wolfman, Vampires, etc. it depiecs these characters in an interesting new way. 

What we know so far, the new season will come with some interesting new characters. Madame Kali – the spiritualist – who will be one of the main antagonist by the way, is coming with her daughter Hecate (Sarah Greene – Vikings) who is said to be powerful. The new also additions include Bartholomew Rusk an intense Scotland Yard investigator (Douglas Hodge – Diana), hell bent on finding out the perpetrators of the horrible murders plaguing London. There is also a mysterious woman from Vanessa’s past played by Patti Lupone (American Horror Story). The last new “monster” to come to the show is “a young man with a singular past” played by Jonny Beauchamp.


Penny Dreadful returns in 2015


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