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The Fate Of Ten | Review

I’ve fallen head over heels for the series and out of all the book and novellas that they’ve put out The Fate of Ten is the first one that I have mixed feeling about. The sixth installment of the I am Number 4 series started of great. It was really exciting and gripping at the beginning but then it slowly lost its stamina.
There is a huge chunk of the book that is simply padding, it’s not very interesting or useful, and doesn’t really push to story forward.The new Garde they introduced in New-York quickly became lame and annoying to the point that it bothered me whenever I had to read any lines from that character. The dialogues in general were cheesy and a bit boring in this installment – more so than in the other books.The only salvation for this book is the action, it’s very cinematic and easy to follow. I was drawn to the action sequences and very much felt like I as part of the battles. 
Reading these books for years, I had imagined an origin story for the Mogadorian-Loric war but I always expected something better from the writer(s) and I was very disappointed by the one they came up with but at least it confirmed a few things about John and that was fun.

The Fate Of Ten has its highs and lows but is as good of a read as the rest of I am Number Four books.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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