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The premise:  Several noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros.


Last season we left the seven kingdoms at a crossroad Tyrion Lannister was running for his life for murder, Arya Stark went on her own, Sansa is in hiding learning the Game of Thrones while Daenerys is facing the burden of a crown. The north became one of the most interesting storylines in the last few episodes with the descend of the Wildlings on the wall, Stanis Baratheon march for thrones, and the Boltons’ play for the North.


Review: I’ve had a few days to digest the fifth season finale, not that I was overly shocked, I mean they can’t top The Red Wedding but I was surprised by a few things. Since last season I no longer have the books to give me an idea of what’s to come so I’ve experienced like most viewers did, spoiler free.

First things first I really liked how Cersei’s storyline evolved this season, the passive aggressive tension between Cersei and Margaery was pleasure to watch but I liked the storyline this year because for once there was a pay off. I love how all her schemes backfired but mostly I liked how we could see that she allowed herself to be vulnerable to have a chance to take back the power she had and quite possibly unleash her wrath next season.


Sansa is getting more interesting as the seasons passes. This season she definitely caught my attention, she was more mature, and was playing the game a little bit but the whole time I was on the fence. I was afraid the annoying, dimwitted Sansa might pop back in at any moment. Even when the much talked about event happened to her I just couldn’t care. To me, she had it coming, it was some kind of pay back for how she acted at first. And there are far worst things in this show so I don’t really understand why people flipped out.


Jon is finally getting confident and interesting this season, I mean his plot is moving forward in big strides and not baby steps like it used to, but with each step he made I kept waiting for the one that would be the tipping point for him. The moment that meant that he went too far.


As usual Arya’s storyline was intriguing but very slow, she went from the girl I couldn’t wait to see, to the one whose storyline was almost boring me to tears. They really took her time with her but it really paid off at the end. Speaking about the end I couldn’t review this season without mentioning the finale, the body count was so high that I was completely desensitized by the time the last death came. I was as surprised as everybody but I didn’t cry, I guess I still hope that particularly death wasn’t final.

Most of the storylines last season were top notch, this review would be at least twice as long if I had to mention them all. Each character shined in their own way, Daenerys even had an impressive action scene. The fifth season of Game of Thrones was as per usual gruesome, exciting, and somewhat riveting.

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