TV Review: Killing Eve (S2) | A Twisted Rom-Com

You might already know, but in case you don’t, Killing Eve is based on the “Killing Eve: No Tomorrow” novella by Luke Jennings. Jodie Comer is a psychopathic assassin Villanelle, with a fascination for women for long dark hair, and Sandra Oh is an intelligence officer eve Polastri, obssesed with female serial killers, tasked to track Villanelle.

Recap: Season one was a cat-and-mouse game between Eve and Villanelle has developped a mutual obsession for each other. Things came to a head when Polastri found Villanelle and stabbed her.

Review: The first season had creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge as head writer, and that has change for season 2. Emerald Fennell is at the helm this time but the transition is seamless as show has kept its identity while allowing for the story to evolve.

Since Killing Eve is sexual tension filled show, albeit subtle, the first series could be perceived as a meet-cute with Polastri and Villanelle chasing each other – in every sense of the word – in a sort of platonic love story. Eventually things go South, and the first half of the second season is that grieving period when everyone is hurting and trying to move on. It even seems like the people who surround the two main characters are actively trying to help them like the archetypes of the best friends in romantic comedies do.

Fate – or the burning desire these two have for one another – seems to have other plans for the pair and they ended up back in each other’s orbit. The obsession and attraction is still there but so are the obstacles. Eve is maried, straight – ish, at the very least – and an intelligence officer – who is suppose to put people like Villanelle behind bars. As for Oksana, Villanelle, she’s a psychopath – I think that’s obstacle enough, oh – and a killer!

The show keeps you guessing throughout, and particularly in the last episode. Villanelle and Polastri are pulled toward each other even though they are not good. Their relationship as much as the greater mystery surrounding them is insteresting but not the focus if the show. Season two holds your attention, it is quite exciting at times but it got a little confusing.

Killing Eve is kind of a divise, and a captivating show. You either like or you don’t, but one thing is true, once you start you get sucked in. The show is totally bingeworthy and in my opinion works better that way.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

7 thoughts on “TV Review: Killing Eve (S2) | A Twisted Rom-Com

  1. Season one and two are coded like a romantic comedy with a dark twist but the mystery around the twelve is just as interesting and prominent. It’s not a secondary storyline.


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