TV Review: The Rook (Season)

Loosely based on Daniel O’Malley’s novel “The Rook Files“, this TV series stars Shameless and The Path alum Emma Greenwell, costars Joely Richardson and Olivia Munn.

Premise: Myfanwy Thomas finds herself at Millennium Bridge in London surrounded by dead bodies with no memory of how she came to be there. She soon discovers that she is an agent with supernatural abilities in a British secret service called the Checquy.

Review: The Rook is an interesting show, it’s intriguing, sleek, and mysterious but it’s one of these shows that would probably be better to read. I could totally see where the internal monologues and feeling would come in. The show is slow at times, I watched the first three episodes the week they came out. At the end of these episodes I wanted to see more but I was wishing for those last scenes to be a few minutes longer, because they’d often end the episode on some sort of bombshell.

The narrative did not exactly feel episodic more like an 8 hour movie with many ups and downs, and yet making it a bingeable show. That’s why I stopped watching it weekly and waited to see all the episodes at once. Besides I was traveling at the time so binging was conviennent.

That being said the actors were amazing, it was nice to see Emma Greenwell in this role. I may not have connected the dots at first but subconsciously I knew I was watching Milkov’s sister from Shameless. Joely Richardson was a dream and it was interesting to see in Olivia Munn in another TV show. I’ve only seen her in the Newsroom and loved her there.

As a book adaptation it’s middle of the road but the potential is there and I’d watch a second season.

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