Runebreaker | Alex R. Khaler

The Runebinder Chronicles book 2: Runebreaker by Alex R Kahler published 27 November 2018
Aidan desires only one thing: to rule. Arrogant, headstrong and driven by the element of Fire, he will stop at nothing to bring the evil Howls that destroyed Scotland to their knees. But Fire is a treacherous element, and the very magic that brought him to power could burn his world to ash.
Especially with the blood of his fellow Hunters on his hands.
Driven by a bloodlust he can’t control and dark whispers that may not be entirely in his head, he and his magic-eschewing friend Kianna will do whatever it takes to liberate their broken world. Even at the risk of confronting the Church. Even at the risk of losing his humanity.
But power isn’t the only thing on Aidan’s mind. He’s falling for the intoxicating Tomas, an Incubus who offers everything Aidan desires. For a price.
And if that price burns the world down, well…Aidan is used to playing with Fire.

How was it?

From United Stated in Runebinder the story moves to the United Kingdom and follows Aiden, an American hunter binded to fire and stranded in Scotland. Let me tell you one thing, Aden is a bit of a p***k. Oh did I miss Tenn 😣, not only because he’s an interesting character and I fell in love with him but also because Aiden is straight up annoying. I wanted to slap that kid so bad – which should tell you that the writing is still engaging and pretty good – Aiden is so arrogant that it’s not even funny.

I guess having an affinity for fire, and what it’s usually associated with in the collective culture, it would make sense in a way that he is the way he is, that his personality would reflect that. The amazing thing that Alex – the author – did was to keep me interested in the story even if I didn’t much like the character and was rolling my eyes, and taking breaks all the way through.

Runebreaker is probably a divise book for anyone who finishes it, if you get that far. Did anyone just straight abandoned this book? If you did how far did you get?
If you got through it, was Aiden too much or do you like that kind of character?

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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