The Postcard Killings | Maybe some books are meant to stay books.

Based on the James Patterson and Liza Marklund best seller, “The Postcard Killers“. This silver screen adaptation is directed by Danis Tanovic and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Batman V Superman), Cush Jumbo (The Good Fight), and Famke Janssen (X-Men, How to get away with Murder).

Premise: A New York detective investigates the death of his daughter who was murdered while on her honeymoon in London; he recruits the help of a Scandinavian journalist when other couples throughout Europe suffer a similar fate.

Review: I saw this movie after a long day, so maybe that played into how I perceived it. The film had a rocky start for me, and the acting was at fault for me. I didn’t really believe the father’s grief. For some reason I don’t buy Jeffrey Dean Morgan crying – and he cries a few times in this. Same for the mother, I legit asked myself “was she collecting a paycheck?” but don’t fret the movie picks up – or maybe I got used to it.

It’s an easy story to get into because there’s a decent mystery, why are the victims left nude and positioned to ressemble famous works of art? What do the postcards means? Etc. The investigation managed to keep my sleep deprived brain focused. There’s a misdirect that I didn’t see coming – I don’t think my fatigue was to blame but I’m gonna let you guys guess what it is. It was about one of the only thing that really surprised me.

For a mystery crime drama, the tension is clumsily build. The score is trying to help with that but it doesn’t really work. The “gruesome” aspect of the murders didn’t exactly land. They tried to showcase a bit of the process of the preparation of the corpses at the beginning, and even systematically showed the bodies posed like twisted pieces of art, but it was like Hannibal on a budget. Take any horribly mangled corpses in whatever episodes of that TV Series, it would be still ten times better than all the “corpse art”seen in this movie.
You can’t even argue that they wanted a more realistic, gritty feel to the corpses because it’s simply not true, again the TV series was more impressive, often nausea inducing and creepy as hell.

The irony at the end – the reason for the killings – and the way the investigation and murders are solved just makes a mockery of it all. I was surprised that the director, Danish Tanovic, has an oscar – there’s hope for us all – but I don’t blame him for this, feels like there wasn’t a cohesive vision. It definitely felt like there were scenes left on the cutting room floor, the acting wasn’t solid throughout, the cinematography could have been better but the movie title is better than the book.

This movie just seems like it would be a lot more interesting as a read. At times, it’s like a pitch or concept for a book.

The Postcard Killings is good movie to stream, entertaining with a lot of potential but not frustratingly bad.


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