Dylan Dog: Dead of Night | When the tone is not quite right

Horror movies aren’t really my thing – I scare too easy and don’t need the stress – besides I can’t say that Kevin Munroe’s silver screen adaptation of Tiziano Sclavi’s Italian Horror Comic is one of the scary stressful ones. It stars Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) as the eponymous character, who are they trying to scare? It’s a serious question. The co-stars aren’t helping Sam Huntington (Being Human) and Taye Diggs (All American) aren’t helping, they’re the nicest looking guys.

Premise: Dylan Dog is a former supernatural private investigator, who now works on regular cases with his assistant Marcus Deckler, until he’s sucked back into seeking out the monster of New Orleans.

Review: I can’t say that this movie has ever really been in my radar but when I saw Huntington, I thought “Sam Huntington is in this? Why did nobody told me.” Although it was nice to see him on screen, I can’t say that this movie has aged badly because I’m not sure it was ripped when it came out.

Putting aside how predictable the story is – it’s a formula that’s worked before when done right – the voice-over might have been a good idea but it was poorly executed. It gives the movie a film noir tone, but it sort of clashes with the comedy aspect of the film, that takes a bigger place in this. The film wants to be in the vein of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, or Constantine but doesn’t balance the horror, comedy, and film noir tropes well.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is not a horrible film but it could have been so much better with a little more effort, that it can get on your nerve when you see the result. And for someone who they make a point of telling us is human, Dylan can take a hell of beating.

Rating: 5 out of 10.


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