Extraction | Sponsored by Tupperware

It doesn’t look like it but Extraction is inspired by a graphic novel – I know, crazy right? – The comic is called “Ciudad” and was written by Ande Parks and the Russo Brothers with illustrations by Fernando León González. Both Joe and Anthony Russo are producing this film but only Joe adapted the story. With the producers, director Sam Hargrave – who was the stunt coordinator for many Marvel movies – and the star of the film – Chris Hemsworth, and one of his co-star – David Harbour – it’s a mini MCU reunion in Asia.

Premise: When Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the son of an imprisoned international crime lord, is kidnapped; Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), a black-market mercenary, is enlisted to rescue the boy. The already deadly mission approaches the impossible as Tyler and Ovi are trapped in a city that wants them both dead, and their hopes of getting out are fading fast.

Review: The story is not as straight forward as I thought it might be, there are a few genuine twists that makes it fresh. There’s also some smart levity in it but it is an action movie.

The action looks like it hurt, it’s violent AF, intense and vicious. They let it breath, literally, making it feels real and very much like you’re in it with them. As a result there is not much suspension of disbelief needed. The fight scenes, close quarters fighting chases and gun battle have a danger feel to them and a high cost throughout the film. I have a favorite fight scene though, all I’ll say is kids.

The directing is very smart with the tracking, using the idea of camera posing to hide the stuntman but using it in tracking shots, making us watch one way at some interesting thing while you know what’s happening off camera, then picking back up to where we were it’s amazing. Sam Hargrave delivers big time, he’s one to watch.

The acting is amazing, top notch, it pluses the story and help carry the emotional weight. The cast is region accurate and the actors are great. Hemsworth did not hog the screen time – take note Robbie – and was surrounded by talented actors.

By the way I totally spotted a Thor reference, did you ?

Extraction, sponsored by Tupperware – don’t think I missed the Tupperware bottle Hemsworth gave the kid – is a really good movie. Hargrave, Hemsworth, and Joe Russo delivered.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

4 thoughts on “Extraction | Sponsored by Tupperware

    1. Yes the rune compass on his back is the Thor reference, I think. I’ve seen him with Rune tattoos in interviews lately so I’m not sure if it’s a real one he has or if it was put on for the movie.


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