Rebound (Pucks & Rainbows #1) by L.A. Witt | Book Review

Rebound (Pucks & Rainbows #1) by L.A. Witt published 27 March 2019

Officer Geoff Logan has his plate full. His cop’s salary and Marine retirement aren’t enough to make ends meet. He’s got war wounds and demons that are in it for the long haul. His teenagers are, well, teenagers, plus they’re pissed that he left the boyfriend they loved. Can’t a guy catch a break?
Seattle Snowhawks center Asher Crowe has it all. A seven figure salary. A literal house on a hill. A stable, loving relationship with an amazing boyfriend. At least, that’s what the world sees. Behind closed doors, he’s been living in a private hell, and when he finally works up the courage to end things, his boyfriend refuses to go quietly.
One call to the cops, and suddenly Geoff and Asher’s paths cross. But is the connection between them simple chemistry? Kindred spirits? Or just a pair of lonely hearts looking for a hot distraction?
And even if it’s more than physical, is there really a future for two men from such vastly different worlds? Especially when the past comes knocking?

How was it? I recently tried to revisit this story because the third one is coming out this month, and for some reason, I could not remember the particulars of the story. I just knew that I liked the book and was very much interested in the sequel – that I’m about to read.

The first few lines had all the memories floating back to me and I now have an idea why this book struck a cord. That’s not right, I know now why I couldn’t remember the details of this book. Because it touched me in a deeper way than I’d thought. This is what I wrote about it after reading it :

Rebound is a bit of a slow burn, it’s grounded, not rushed, and very refreshing. As much in the subject matter abuse and the way the sexual aspect of the relationship was approached and described.

This is all I wrote at the time and did not publish my thoughts then. What’s interesting to me now, is that I can agree with most of it just with the few memories and feelings about the book that came up after those first few lines. I’m not sure what I meant about the last bit about sex but I can hazard a guess.

I’m saying without really saying that this book has struck close enough to home that I don’t plan and re-reading this book, and yet I’m still happy that I did. I don’t remember being triggered reading it but it will be a one-and-done for me, much like I have no intention to revive a relationship with that ex who made this book feel familiar to me. It’s not what I’ve been through but close enough. But I am going to recommend this book because it’s worth reading and I am going to dive into the next one.

I’m curious, does anyone have the same kind of feelings I do about this book? Not triggered, liked it, interested in the series but not keen on re-reading it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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