The Iron Druid Chronicles: Short Stories | Kevin Hearne

Taking place between Tricked and Trapped, and before the novella Two Ravens and One Crow, these novelettes sheds more light on Atticus’ long life.

The Eye of Horus (The Iron Druid Chronicles #4.1)

Follows an adventure of a much younger Atticus – he’s simply over 300 years old here. This stroll down memory lane is quite directly related to the Grimoire of the Lamb. The stpry is a fun quick read, interesting because it showcases another pantheon and some of the politics between Gods of different faiths. We get to meet an Atticus who didn’t have some of the tools he now has at his disposal. It’s the mission impossible: Druid edition, and a round about way to learn how Atticus came up with one of his greatest weapon.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Goddess at the Crossroads (The Iron Druid Chronicles #4.2)

Another amusing anecdote about Atticus’ life. This one stands alone though, unless you count the fact that it has a connection to popular culture. The story itself is entertaining but the fact of real tether to the main storyline is a bummer for me. At least my favorite character, Oberon, is featured and the double entendra about the lack of French puddles in that time affecting Oberon made me cackle.
Goddess at the Crossroads is still a nice appetizer before diving into the fifth book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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