Patriot Games (1992) | Not Rushed and Easy To Grasp


Harrison Ford
Anne Archer
Sean Bean
Patrick Bergin
Samuel L. Jackson

Based on Patriot Games (1987) by Tom Clancy

The movie is not rushed, it’s atmospheric and calculated without being too complex. It’s not as flashy as one would think but it does its job, entertain. It’s the bad guys versus the good guys, one wants revenge the other wants to protect. The plot is simplified, the action is there but this is more of a thriller. In fact, the fight scenes are almost funny, they over do a bit in some which makes them seem a little campy.

There’s enough in the story and Ford’s acting to convey the complexity of his character but most of the rest are underwritten. That said it doesn’t negate Sean Bean‘s performance. His character is intense and impetuous, which contrast well with Ford’s experienced and judicious Jack Ryan. For some reason I was surprised that the one female lead in Anne Archer wasn’t a helpless bystander that couldn’t cope with what was happening. She had a nice job and held her own when she needed to. I also noted that most female characters were part of the story and not just eyecandy.

Seeing Bean, Richard Harris and Samuel L. Jackson at that time was a bit funny to me. Is it me or does Jackson has a slight lisp in this movie? I think he said in an interview that he used to have one or stutter and I completely heard it in this movie at one point.

Patriot Game is a good one to watch when looking for an easy to grasp thriller with decent action and fine acting.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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