TV Review: WandaVision (Premiere) | Edging Their Sweaty Fans with Easter Eggs and a Mystery

WandaVision posters were brilliant and did give us an idea of what they were going for, a weird, trippy but sophisticated show. However, what they didn’t tell us was how far they’d go with it.

I kind of love that the sitcoms weren’t just a gimmick. They commit to it with a lot of the two episode premiere runtime dedicated to being a sitcom. For this premiere they are in black and white, their individual plots are appropriate for the era, it’s fun, charming, and different. They’re living the ideal suburban life with some supernatural elements sprinkled throughout, since they are trying to hide their powers. The show strikes a perfect balance between sitcoms and supernatural with Wanda and Vision being themselves in those sitcoms.

Either it’s my modern sensibilities or the fact that I am very eager to figure this out, but I am glad for two things with this premiere. The first is that we got two episodes and the second is that they were half-hour romps. The black and white coloring, the 50s and 60s zany sitcom cloak the show is first wrapped in is all fun and nice, but they were so little clues as to the larger picture that one per week would have dinged my excitement for the series. It would have felt like reading a page turner but only be allowed to read one or half a page, frustrating right? I know edging is a thing but it’s not always appropriate.

So far the series is a mystery, a slowly unfolding one, that gives us enough to speculate and nothing more than that. From my poster analysis I had already gathered that the black and white parts of show is the dream, the warped reality, and the color is reality. However we don’t have a clear sense of who is doing it, just more theories that we already had. Nothing is confirmed or denied. One thing is for sure, is that the children are not simply going to be a byproduct of the show, they are very much wanted. It’s subtle but they are subliminally suggested throughout the first episodes. Is it Mephisto trying to get Wanda to unknowingly shards of his soul to make them?
She might loose her mind because whoever wants her to have children will take them away to another dimension, that’s how she shreds sh*t up hence Spiderman 3 and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. One the consequence – for everybody, particularly Spiderman – of her ripping the fabric of reality; the other how they’ll help Wanda get her now teenage children back. We’ll see.

WandaVision is a mystery, Marvel is toying with us so far, but gave us a cozy Dick Van Dyke, Bewitched type of show to appreciate.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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