The Da Vinci Code (2006) | An Average Joe and Conspiracy Theorist’s Delight

Ron Howard

Tom Hanks
Audrey Tautou
Jean Reno
Ian Mckellen
Paul Bettany

Based on Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code

Review: I know I saw this movie but I’m not sure what I thought of it at the time. I don’t have a bad or good memory of it so I thought it’d be funny to watch again and see who I might recognize now that some time has passed.

Being older and now understanding more of the world I live in, The whole time watching this movie, I was aware of how triggering and/or controversal The Da Vinci Code could be for some people. It got to a point where I was surprised that Tom Hanks would be in this film. He seems like the kind of guy and actor who would try not to ruffle any feathers, and what do you know, a quick search on the Internet and people at the time were – and might still be – triggered by this film :). I won’t spoil the plot but saying that you’ll go to hell for watching this movie is a bit much.

As for me, I was entertained, turns out, I didn’t remember much of the film, so it was a nice rediscovery.  I enjoyed both the movie and the reaction some people had, and might still have, to it. For some reason I also had some The Alchemist vibes from it, so in that sense it made the movie predictable for me – which is rich coming from me who’s seen this film before.

The cast is great, Alfred Molina, and Ian Mckellen are memorable and delightful in the film. But having grown up with quite the French film catalogue Audrey Tautou and Jean Reno mesh very well in this American blockbuster, and they’re very believable in their respective roles. Paul Bettany is chilling, he’s doing some scary stuff, and Tom Hanks is spot on as a modern day realistic Indiana Jones. Ron Howard did something interesting with this film because with every European locations featured in the film, he made it look like the movie was made with that country’s movie making sensibilities. So The Da Vinci Code kind of became a French film at some point then a British film while still being an American summer blockbuster.

Overall The Da Vinci Code is epic and would entertaining to conspiracy theorists and your average joes alike.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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