The Border | A.H. Lee

The Border (The Knight and the Necromancer #2) by A.H. Lee published 23 March 2020

Roland and Sairis have escaped from a traumatic assassination attempt, solved the mystery of their attacker, and enjoyed plenty of heavy petting along the way. Roland knows that it’s too soon for love, but he feels like he’s falling head over heels.

However, in the final moments when their attacker is revealed, Sairis does something unthinkable. He transfers a brutal spell to Roland, nearly killing him, and disappears.

Roland is left reeling, struggling to cope with his injuries, and wondering whether everything Sairis said and did was a lie. Did Sairis seduce Roland only to use him as a hostage? And if not, what has happened to Sairis?

How was it?

At cliffhanger that The Capital ended in, the beginning of part two, I was surprised at how quick some characters were ready to suspect and dismiss others, who I think showed enough of goodwill to earn some trust.

But as the story continues to unfold you quickly get to see that it’s how these characters are. They operate from a place of distrust, fear with a narrow view of their world. The world building does a good job laying out what lead them to be how they are and see their world the way they do. Where part one told us how things are, here questions are answered, secrets are revealed, and minds are broadened.

Most of the protagonists seem to be in the grey, neither good or bad, and very much capable of both. It adds some tension because like the main characters you never really know who you can trust, you just have to have faith. It also makes for well rounded characters all around.

As for the relationship between Roland and Sairis, they’ve past the attraction phase, and are deepening their connection despite the weight of the baggage they carry. It’s realistic and sweet.

The Border is engaging, with just the right amount of drama and angst not to annoy, and enough action and surprises to entertain.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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