The Sea | A.H. Lee

The Sea (The Knight and the Necromancer #3) by A.H. Lee published 23 March 2020

Sairis has known all his life that knights are not his friends…until the last few weeks, when he somehow forgot, and tumbled into bed with one. He told Roland to leave, hurt him badly, used as many cruel words as possible. And yet Roland stubbornly refuses to leave Sairis alone, half-naked and friendless in the wilderness.

After a surreal week of shared secrets beneath the stars, they’re about to rejoin Mistala’s army as it prepares for a desperate battle with a deadly sorcerer. Sairis’s help might make the difference, but he is deeply conflicted, afraid of being trapped and stripped of his magic by Mistala’s unfriendly magicians. He’s not sure whether he’s the prince’s lover or his prize. He feels like an outlaw, trussed up across Roland’s saddle. If he could just leave them all their deaths, things would be so much easier.

How was it?

Follow up to The Border; the third and last part of the series is thrilling. This author knows how to get your heart racing, by putting her characters in dire situations with potentially catastrophic consequences, and subverts expectations by wiggling them out of it in surprising ways.

There were many points in this volume, as in the others, where a plot point could have been stretched and milked for all it was worth. At those moments I always expected the author to do that because most authors do, but not A.H. Lee. These moments were resolved or dealt with in a swift and effective manner that turned up my enjoyment and gave a nice flow to The Sea.

The Knight and The Necromancer series is one big book sliced in three volumes or parts that make a great whole. It’s engaging, entertaining, an all around awesome read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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