Line Mates and Study Dates | Eden Finley, Saxon James

Line Mates & Study Dates (CU Hockey 4)
by Eden Finley, Saxon James
published 23 June 2021


Hockey, studying, and school runs. That’s my life now.

After a tragic accident that took our parents’ lives, it’s up to me and my big brother to take care of our five younger siblings.

In between burning their meals and keeping them from killing each other, I’m supposed to get a college degree. It’s hard when I don’t have time to breathe let alone study, and if I don’t get my grades up, I’m in danger of losing the one thing that makes me happy: my spot on the hockey team.

Which is why when the new equipment manager offers to tutor me, I really can’t afford to say no. Even though I should.

He’s Coach’s son and way too tempting.


As this year’s equipment manager for Dad’s hockey team, I’m expected to deal with sweaty jock straps and herding hockey players to their rooms at away games.

The job is easy, but babysitting Asher Dalton is not supposed to be a part of it.

So why, when his brother asks me to keep an eye on him, do I agree?

Why, when he’s struggling in classes, do I offer to help?

And why, when we’re studying, do I suggest a reward system that lands us squarely in bed?

Asher’s trouble, I know he is. But there’s something about him that makes it impossible to stay away.

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How was it?

It took me a while to while to warm up to Asher. Not just because of his memorable introduction in “Goal Lines & First Times.” For most of the first part I was chanting to myself “Hurt people, hurt people” even when I had glimpses of a softer side in the hockey player, but the authors managed it. I came to like Asher, not that I wasn’t seeing through his behavior from the start, but I was curious to see how he would turn things around. I enjoyed the growth and more the fact that what lead him to act the way he did was explained but not excused, otherwise that would have pissed me off.

I liked Kole from the get go even if he did give me major vibes of, as a friend would say: wanting a project and not a partner, but I guess they are people like that. The friend in question would call them social workers. Him being a pre-med student who recues tortured animals did not help. Where I thought that Kole would have been the one carrying the story, making Asher look good, I found that it was a bit of the opposite for me. I smiled and laughed at how Asher turned out to be around Kole, I love their banter, it was entertaining and fun.

Talking about fun, the steam here is excellent, I loved how it built and plateaued but that was just the cherry on top. The real draw is Asher’s journey, his heartfelt moments were great and his confidence when it came to Kole was hot.

CU Hockey 4 is a great read, and amazing addition to the series that I can’t wait to rediscover in as an audiobook. It’s as close to be my favorite as it can be but Face Offs & Cheap Shots is still my fav.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

My ARC copy of the book was provided by the authors in exchange for a fair, unbiased review and will be *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership when it is released.

Line Mates & Study Dates is available on Amazon and other book retailers near you.

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